Frequently Asked Questions:

We've gone ahead and compiled a few of the most commonly asked questions that we are asked here at Party Bus AC. That said if your concerns are not listed on the page below, we encourage you to contact us with specifics about what you're looking to know. We have a staff of knowledgeable individuals standing by ready to answer your calls and e-mails.

Can we drink on the Party Bus?

Sure! If you're of legal drinking age, we see no reason as to why you can't drink on our Party Buses.

Is alcohol provided?

We can't give alcohol to Party Bus riders. We do not have a liquor license. We can, however, make a stop for you to purchase alcohol if you so choose.

When are you open?

Our telephones are on all day every day. Our office is open from 9:00 until 6:00. Our Party Buses are on the road 24/7/365!

What if we decide to stay longer?

Over time is simple. It is billed at the same contracted rate that you previous agreed to. It is billed in quarter hour increments. This makes sure that you do not pay for any time that isn't used!